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Better Shape-Up ® Testimonials

Pete, thanks to you and the bodybugg I lost 17.6 pounds and 9.9% body fat, in 12 weeks. I now exercise regularly and I am aware of everything I consume. With the weight loss I was able to reduce my blood pressure medication by 50%.

Thanks again,

Howard F.


Thank you, Pete!
The bodybugg is an invaluable tool for anyone that is concerned with weight loss, but the combination of the bodybugg and the nutritional coaching of Pete Steinfeld are revolutionary!

Pete’s blend of daily coaching and enthusiasm made my weight loss an easy and educational process. My success, 15 pounds lighter, is a direct result of the personal attention that Pete gave to my nutritional needs and the program that he designed for me.

I was so impressed with the program’s ease of use and amazing flexibility that I started to tell everyone about Pete and the bodybugg. However, my results spoke louder than words and people started asking me how I lost the weight!

Thanks Pete!

Jill S.


I participated with my instructor, Pete Steinfeld, in the bodybugg program. It was educational and fun to measure my progress every day. Over a 12 week period, I lost 21 lbs. and 8.4% in body fat. It was not at all like a diet program to lose weight. It combined information about two key components to healthy and lasting weight loss, exercise and sensible eating. The bodybugg program and working with Pete made my weight loss a very easy and gratifying way to meet my goals.

Joe L.


At forty, I ran a full marathon, eat what ever I wanted, and stayed in shape. I thought those days were over for me until I was introduced to the bodybugg System by Pete Steinfeld of Better Shape-Up.

The bodybugg system allowed me to be in control of everything I ate and every calorie I burned. I do not have time on a daily basis to keep food journals or count calories so the program was perfect for me. I would take 10 to 15 minutes per day to log in the food I ate. The program would track all the calories I consumed and by just a push of a button on my armband, it would track my activity for every calorie I burned in that same day. I was in control of my weight program! The weekly visits to Pete were great encouragement and really helped me achieve my goal.

For the six months that I was on the program I truly felt that I was not on a diet plan. I was eating normally and my daily exercise was my normal routine. It was hard to believe that after six months of this simple program of learning how to combine calories with exercise I lost 13.9 pounds and even better 8.6% of body fat.

No more fad diets for me!! The armband is the tool I need to do the tracking for me. The bodybugg system has proved to me that maintaining a balance in life between eating and exercise is the key to keeping the weight off.

Anna P.


Pete has been so great to work with. He's made this program a really enjoyable and rewarding part of my life.Pete is not only encouraging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, but he posses the wonderful ability, to keep you focused and positive.
I am sixty two years old and never dreamed I would be in the great shape I'm in today. I have lost fifteen pounds, and have gone from a size ten to a size six. My golf game has improved, along with my overall confidence level. I can't thank you enough Pete. You, and the bodybugg, have helped to make this all possible.


Mary S.


Well Pete I have to say when I started the bodybugg with you in March I was someone very much against it, my thinking was why should I pay someone to call me everyday and bug me about what I ate or the amount of movement that I did that day. Well I have to tell you it has been about 8 months and almost 90lbs later and I could not have been more wrong about anything. First you never did anything but be real, you always tell it like it is and never say stuff just to make me feel better. Losing weight is what it is, work but in the past I have always worked real hard to lose some weight like 10 to 15 lbs then I would put it right back on and more so when I got up to 360 + I came to see you. The bodybugg for me is like someone turned on the light switch so now every day I see what I am doing, how much calories I have burned and how much food I have taken in. That’s why I believe this will be a life long weight loss, also you have so much knowledge about the right and wrong foods to eat and the right and wrong exercise to do that it make this losing so much easier, I can’t thank you enough for all your support, what a difference you have made in my life.

Thanks again

Robert K.


I would like to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity I was given to be a part of the bodybuggg program. I was tired of being the pleasantly plump football mom so I started the program with Pete Steinfeld. I lost 17.2 pounds and 7.3 % body fat, and more importantly, I learned how to be accountable for what I put into my body, as well as what I needed my body to put out for me. I couldn’t have done any of it without Pete. He was my constant companion, as well as the bugg on my arm. He helped me set reasonable goals and called me daily to make sure I knew he was pulling for me and that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. I met with him once a week to weigh in, and even when I wasn’t happy with my results, Pete was always happy and found the positive for me to see, instead of the negative. I know I am not finished with the program, but I now have the confidence and the know how to continue on because of the knowledge and encouragement I have been given from Pete. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for the learning experience. You are the best Pete!!


Dena B.
(No longer the most pleasantly plump football mom!)


I signed on with Pete Steinfeld’s Better Shape Up, program using the "bodybuggg” device just 13 weeks ago. I have lost 17 lbs. and went from a size 36 inch waist to a 32 inch waist. I was able to have great success because of Pete’s concise accurate coaching methods. Even though I'm in Florida, Pete's daily guidance over the phone was very encouraging, and informative. His expert knowledge of nutrition combined with his fitness training helped me to make the most of his program. I sincerely believe being accountable to Pete's guidance and knowledge is the secret to this program. This is not a diet, it’s a calorie consumption vs. calorie burn goal challenge, and I was able to reap the rewards.


Bob S.
age 65
Sarasota, Florida


Earlier this year, I was introduced to the bodybugg by way of Pete Steinfeld. I was inclined to believe in the bodybugg's potential as a revolutionary weight loss tool based purely on Pete's impeccable and proven reputation in the fitness industry. This fact alone made me less skeptical than I normally would have been, nevertheless there was a small part of me that wondered whether or not this was just another weight loss gimmick...Over the course of the ensuing 12 week period my use of the bodybugg resulted in a weight loss of 15.4 lbs and 8.2% body fat loss...based on these results, it was quite evident that there was nothing gimmicky about the bodybugg.

The beauty of the bodybugg and the quality that sets it apart from any other weight loss tool currently available on the market is that it completes the weight loss formula that everyone struggles with...we all have the tools to calculate our caloric intake but we don't have the ability to gauge precisely what our caloric expenditure is on a daily basis so that we can use this data to help us figure out the caloric delta (which is the single most crucial data point that we are all looking for in order to achieve our goals)...the bodybugg helps to solve that problem. The bodybugg is a simple, fun, and effective tool to accurately and graphically display your daily caloric output (even while sleeping) and in so doing, enables the user to structure their daily caloric intake so that there is a comfortable margin between the two, which ultimately results in consistent weight loss.

All of the current societal myths surrounding weight loss and diet are refuted by the bodybugg because the net takeaway from the program is that a single individual is not limited to any particular food group, diet plan, etc. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the basic principle of physics which is quite simply that energy IN must be less than energy OUT in order to result in weight loss. The only thing that the user needs to bring to the table is an honest commitment to success, discipline, and accurate logging of calories consumed and attention to portion sizes...outside of that, you just strap on the bodybugg and go!

The other important component of the program is to have a Fit Pro who is as knowledgeable, honest, enthusiastic, and committed to each individual's success as Pete Steinfeld. Pete has the ability to strike the perfect balance between helping you celebrate all of the little successes along the way but at the same time maintains the focus and discipline by keeping you accountable during the way, not only so that you can achieve your weight loss goals, but so you can come away from the experience having become better educated about your own health and fitness...

Lili R.


I’m writing this letter to share my experience with Pete Steinfeld and Better Shape-Up. Pete’s method of body re-shaping/weight loss was successful for me based on Pete’s effectiveness to relate to me on a personal level. Pete has the ability to encourage and coach successfully as he combines his fitness and nutrition expertise into a daily concise lifestyle modification message. He is encouraging and will hold you accountable in a way that makes you want to succeed to attain your body mass/weight loss goals. I was able in a 12 week program wearing the bodybugg device (to monitor my calorie burn v. intake) to lose 7.3% body fat and dropped a whopping 29.6 lbs. I believe that I was successful due to the fact that I simply followed the plan that Pete created for me. It took discipline to adhere to my daily gym workout schedule as well as frequent mountain biking and running combined with consistency for my nutrition plan to reshape what was in need of shaping up.

Thank you to Pete and Better Shape-Up for helping me exceed my goals.

Mike S.
age 42
Westlake Village, CA


Dear Pete

I wanted to thank you for the knowledge you shared with me on fitness and nutrition during my 12 week "bodybugg" experience. The weekly meetings and daily phone calls from you kept me focused on my goals, and thanks to the personal attention you provided, I was able to not only meet but exceed my goals. I frankly did not think it was possible to get back to my playing weight in college over 20 years ago, but the bodybugg program of logging my food and counting my calories burned and consumed enabled me to do it. I lost over 16 pounds and over 6 percent body fat in 3 months. And, I have learned the lessons of nutrition and exercise that will last a lifetime. Thanks again, Pete, for everything.

Neal M.



I wanted to write you a note just to say thanks for the life change I experienced this past year with you and the bodybugg. After years of working out 4-5 days and week with no real change, I decided to take the next step in trying to achieve my weight and more importantly health goals. I weighed in at close to 180lbs with 26.5 % body fat. At 5 “6 this was way out of whack. After 90-days on your program I lost 15 lbs and over 13% body fat. I also was able to gain 11lbs in muscle while going from a 34 down to a 30 in my waist. The best thing about it is that after taking the bug off I have been able to maintain those numbers and I never once feel like I am depriving myself of anything.

I have recommended you and the bodybugg to many of my friends who also have experienced similar results. Again thank you and I wish you continued success in your quest to make people feel and look better.


Peter K.

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