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Better Shape-Up ®

bodybugg™ - the world's most intelligent calorie monitoring system

weight loss is simple. you just need to burn more calories than you take in. it's that easy. and now there's a truly accurate way to measure calorie burn, guaranteeing your success.

bodybugg™ uses today's hottest technology to give you the tools to reach and maintain your ideal weight. the two simple components of the bodybugg™ system - the bodybugg™ armband (a small, sleek device worn on the upper arm) and the bodybugg™ web interface - work together to tell you exactly how many calories you've burned and consumed every day. It gives you the information and puts you in control of your weight loss goals.

finally, a simple and flexible weight-loss program that really works.

easy - just manage your average daily calorie deficit-the magic number of burning more calories than you consume. there are no other rules.

flexible - don't like to work out? don't want to change the way you eat? no problem. bodybugg™ lets you choose how you'll succeed.

personal - know exactly how many calories you personally burn every day, not some average number based on calculations.

motivational - knowing exactly how many calories you burn and take in finally gives you the tools to lose those pounds you've been meaning to take off. It's a wake-up call that you can't hide from!

integrated - the bodybugg™ device and the web interface work together to show you your real-time calorie deficit status any time of the day.

accurate - no estimates here. the bodybugg™ device measures gives you 92% accuracy when measuring your true calories burned.

fun - it's a game! did you meet your calorie deficit number today?

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